vrijdag 17 augustus 2012

Nog een keer: metadata in foto's

Vorig jaar pleitte ik voor het opnemen van zo veel mogelijk metadata in de afbeeldingen die archieven online zetten. In een iets andere context kunnen die metadata ook ongewenste effecten hebben:
Ten women in the St. Louis area have filed lawsuits in federal court after discovering that an Internet search for their names returned "before and after" photos of their breast augmentation surgeries, theSt. Louis Post-Dispatch reports.

How the Photos Were Posted
Plastic and cosmetic surgeons often post photos online -- usually without showing faces -- so potential customers can view their work.
The plaintiffs in the lawsuits -- who were patients of plastic surgeon Michele Koo -- signed a waiver stating that Koo and other physicians could use their photos, videos and case histories in presentations, websites or other materials "for the purpose of informing the medical profession or the general public."
However, the waiver also stated, "Neither I, nor any member of my family, will be identified by name in any publication."

About the Lawsuits
The lawsuits allege that Koo was negligent because the photos on her website included information that could be linked to the plaintiffs' names. If patients' names are not removed from computerized picture file information, the names can be displayed with the images during a Web search.

Metadata in je plaatjes

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