zaterdag 6 augustus 2011

Ook een vorm van website-archivering

Philip Mendo├ža-Vieira heeft tussen september 2010 en juli 2011 per ongeluk zo'n 12.000 screenshots gemaakt van de homepage van en daar bovenstaand filmpje van gemaakt.
Having worked with and developed on a number of content management systems I can tell you that as a rule of thumb no one is storing their frontpage layout data. It's all gone, and once newspapers shutter their physical distribution operations I get this feeling that we're no longer going to have a comprehensive archive of how our news-sources of note looked on a daily basis. comes close, but there are too many gaps to my liking.

This, in my humble opinion, is a tragedy because in many ways our frontpages are summaries of our perspectives and our preconceptions. They store what we thought was important, in a way that is easy and quick to parse and extremely valuable for any future generations wishing to study our time period.
Via Long Now-blog

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