dinsdag 28 mei 2013

Tijd: Wacht maar...

Eigenlijk verpest het bewegend plaatje hierboven het concept van Time van xkcd.
Het idee daarvan is namelijk dat het plaatje een keer per half uur verandert, zoals je op Explain xkcd kunt lezen:
This comic is actually a series of images which play as a rough animation (the image on this page is an animated compilation of the images). The images are in the process of being revealed slowly over the course of time. As of May 23, 2013, the comic has been running for more than 1416 hours (over 59 days), and more than 1300 frames have been revealed.
For the first 120 hours, a new frame replaced the previous frame every 30 minutes, at :00 and :30 of each hour; the remaining frames have since been revealed every hour, on the hour. The updating is done server-side, with the server redirecting the image link (time.png) to a different image every hour. The source images have very long random-character names, making it virtually impossible to access future frames. There is no apparent way to view past frames on the official XKCD website, and only the current frame is posted there at any given time. 
Nog een spoiler: op xkcd 1190 - Time at your own pace kun je zelf door alle tot nu toe bijna 1650 plaatjes klikken.

Over tijd en het netwerk
The secret powers of time

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