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Verlaat de gevangenis zonder betalen

Een jaar of twee geleden zijn twee Amerikaanse gevangenen de gevangenis uit gewandeld op basis van vervalste documenten. De Wisconsin State Journal beschrijft de gevangenen als volgt:
• Baldwin, 32, was convicted of reckless homicide in Milwaukee and received a 73-year sentence. He was released Jan. 19, 2010, with paperwork that appeared to reduce his sentence. He was taken into custody again on Jan. 26, 2010.
• Evans, 56 at the time, was released on his scheduled release date. However, paperwork appeared to reduce his supervision time from 13 years to one year. Also, paperwork was sent to Louisiana appearing to eliminate a sentence he was to serve there. Consequently, Louisiana sent authentic paperwork to Wisconsin lifting an order that would have kept Evans incarcerated.
• Spencer, 25, was convicted of armed robbery in Milwaukee and was serving a sentence of 12 years in prison and 12 years of supervision. He was not released, but paperwork was received that would have released him on Feb. 3, 2010.
Het is blijkbaar nog niet duidelijk hoe de vervalsing plaats heeft gevonden. Gevangenen komen volgens de Chicago Tribune zelf blijkbaar nooit in aanraking met hun "release papers"
Prison inmates never touch authentic release forms, which are mailed directly to the prison and not sent to inmates.
The criminal complaint states that Evans had committed similar forgery while he was incarcerated in Louisiana, and had knowledge of how to perform forgeries.
The altered forms looked like authentic documents, state Corrections Department officials have said. The criminal complaint lists minor changes that state how the forged papers differ from authentic documents.
Maar QWOW zegt iets heel anders:
All of the documents had been delivered to the prison through the U.S. Postal Service. Evans' and Spencer's fingerprints were found on Baldwin's paperwork. Because of that, authorities believe there were at least four people involved in the conspiracy: the three inmates and someone on the outside.
During the course of the investigation, WQOW News 18 obtained documents that shed light on how this could've happened. According to one investigator's interview with an "unnamed source" Evans would allegedly take his own court documents, make changes, and then mail those to someone on the outside who would send the documents back to the prison through certified mail.
One informant said inmates could use white-out tape to cover up the length of their sentence, run that through a copy machine in the prison and then use a typewriter to fill in the blank.
Zo simpel kan het dus zijn, al ontkennen de autoriteiten dat gevangenen documenten kunnen kopiƫren zonder toezicht.

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WTF, valse documenten tegen lekken!?

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