donderdag 23 februari 2012

Informatiebeveiliging in 1990 en hackers in 1970. Nothing has changed really.

These films (strung together into one film here) were originally made for the annual Skytop conference of Bell Labs executives, and were shown over a series of days during the conference. They were intended to be a wake-up call regarding computer security issues, and present a realistic view of then-plausible security breaches, along with accompanying set of worst-case scenarios.
Op AT&T Archives vind je meer dan 160 klassieke films uit de hoogtijdagen van Bell System.

O, en als je wil weten hoe je in de jaren zeventig gratis kon bellen bij "Ma Bell" moet je dit artikel over Phone Phreaks en Blue Boxes uit 1971 ook even lezen:
Gilbertson is holding one of his shiny black-and-silver blue boxes comfortably in the palm of his hand, pointing out the thirteen little red push buttons sticking up from the console. He is dancing his fingers over the buttons, tapping out discordant beeping electronic jingles. He is trying to explain to me how his little blue box does nothing less than place the entire telephone system of the world, satellites, cables and all, at the service of the blue-box operator, free of charge.
Ik kan me dat soort kastjes trouwens nog wel herinneren uit allerlei Amerikaanse series (The A Team?) of films uit de jaren tachtig.
En het gesprek met "Cap'n Crunch", die zichzelf belt door allerlei telefoonlijnen over de hele wereld met elkaar te verbinden, is hilarisch.
"You mean you were speaking into the mouthpiece of one phone sending your voice around the world into your ear through a phone on the other side of your head?" I asked the Captain. I had a vision of something vaguely autoerotic going on, in a complex electronic way.
"That's right," said the Captain. "I've also sent my voice around the world one way, going east on one phone, and going west on the other, going through cable one way, satellite the other, coming back together at the same time, ringing the two phones simultaneously and picking them up and whipping my voice both ways around the world back to me. Wow. That was a mind blower."
Politie DMS online vs Anonymous hackt politiewebsites
Informatiebeveiliging door bewustwording? Ja natuurlijk!

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  1. Begrijp ik nu eindelijk waar "Ma Bell" (zie  3:35) vandaan komt... :)

  2. Hier iemand die alles weet van gratis bellen en nog veel meer... #ropgongrijp

  3. Ja, wat in Amerika kon, kon hier natuurlijk ook...