vrijdag 25 november 2011


The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, Pepper-Sprayed
Vandaag is het in de Verenigde Staten Black Friday: de vrijdag na Thanksgiving die meestal winkelend wordt doorgebracht. Alexis Madrigal bedacht dat het zinvol zou zijn om deze dag anders door te brengen: Friday is update your parents browser day!
Thanksgiving is coming up, that time when families gather together to share food, extend gratitude, and marvel at how Dad still uses Internet Explorer 6. No, seriously, Dad, how can you be using a browser developed during the Clinton administration? That was like 10 presidents ago.
This year, though, do something different. Don't just explain to Grandpa or Mom or your father-in-law that there is a whole world of secure web browsing out there. No, take a firm stand. Tell them they won't be able to watch funny fishing videos on YouTube with IE6 anymore. Usually, by this point, most parents are begging for help and you can extract excellent perquisites for your labor. That big bedroom your little sister got for some reason? Now's the time to finally occupy it. While you're at it, you will probably fix (or set up) the wifi, which you can helpfully explain is like Internet particles floating in the air.
Zullen wij dat dan maar met Kerstmis doen?

Ongeveer 15 procent van de bezoekers van dit weblog gebruiken nog Internet Explorer 7, IE6 is langzamerhand te verwaarlozen. Maar met in totaal bijna 45% is Internet Explorer wel nog altijd de meest gebruikte browser, gevolgd door Firefox en Chrome met beide 20%.

Internetverbinding en Internet Explorer

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