dinsdag 2 augustus 2011

"Digital natives" bestaan niet, volgens Rushkoff

Als je een uurtje over hebt, is dit een heel interessante lezing van Rushkoff bij Google: Program or Be Programmed: Ten Commands for a Digital Age. Over mediawijsheid, jeugd, digital immigrants en digital natives. 
Kids grew up with digital media as a given circumstance... [...] as if it were a fact of nature.
They don't know the alternative. They look at each thing as if it was made to do the thjng that it's makers are telling us it is made to do.
Of zoals Jill Hurst schrijft:
Like some of my colleagues, I'm tired of us looking at millennials - who are assumed to be digital natives - as being naturally better at technology. They are not. (That may be a shock to you and I'm sorry.) And after a recent rant about this in Google+, a colleague pointed me toward this video.

You might ask, "Jill, how do you know that digital natives aren't better at technology?" I watch them as well as those that are digital immigrants. Those that are focused on how technology works - and what it is meant to do - will use it better than those that are not. Another way of thinking about this is that those that use an iPhone don't inherently understand what an iPhone will do best (and how to make that happen). 
 En nog een mooi citaat aan het eind:
Kids want to make apps!

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