donderdag 23 september 2010

Googlization of everything

Ik schreef al eerder over Siva Vaidhyanathan en The Googlization of Everything. Het boek verschijnt pas in maart 2011, maar als teaser staat het eerste hoofdstuk sinds een paar dagen integraal online. Het belooft een interessant boek te worden.
Over and above these particular ways that Google dominates the nature and function of the World Wide Web, it has a greater, albeit more subtle governance effect. Mostly by example, the company manages to spread the "Google way" of doing things. It executes a sort of soft power over not just the content of the Web but also of users' expectations and habits when dealing with it. Google trains us to think as good Googlers, and it influences other companies to mimic or exceed the core techniques and values of Google. In addition, Google's success at doing what it does enhances and exploits a particular ideology: techno-fundamentalism. This soft-power mode of governance, one that depends so heavily on the blind faith we place in Google, is the subject of the next three chapters.

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