vrijdag 11 maart 2011

Een huis van $400.000.000?

Over de gevolgen van foute gegevens in gekoppelde systemen...

Het is een heel Amerikaans voorbeeld, maar maakt de problematiek wel duidelijk. Deze keer gaat het niet om iemand die ten onrechte als terrorist of als overleden staat genoteerd.
CHICAGO, Feb. 14 — After buying their two-bedroom ranch-style home in Valparaiso, Ind., two years ago, Daelyn and Dennis Charnetzky gutted the bathroom, refinished the hardwood floors, painted, wallpapered and did some landscaping. The improvements undoubtedly increased the home's value, but by hundreds of millions of dollars?

"We said, 'Oh, we did a little bit of work on it, but nothing extravagant,' " Ms. Charnetzky, 31, said after learning last week that the value of her house had skyrocketed to $400 million from $121,900, after someone most likely hit a wrong key and changed the figure in the county's computer system.

The inflated value, discovered by the Charnetzkys' mortgage company, has become a financial headache for Porter County. It was used to calculate tax rates and led the county to expect $8 million in property taxes that did not exist.
Lees in de NYTimes

Dood is een kruisje

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